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Jandarshan is an independent not-for-profit, registered organisation. It is involved in making films with social concern, developing an audio-visual archive and media training. As production unit and resource centre its priorities are:

a. to serve the diverse needs of  the people of Chhattisgarh;  

b. to contribute to education, development and promotion of human rights; 

c. to promote creative and original video work and, 

d. to provide opportunities for media training and employment with special regard to the needs of women and people from backward communities.  


° Jandarshan has produced three documentaries for International Labour Organisation (ILO) on health and safety of construction site workers, conditions of construction labourers in India, on their living and working conditions and to motivate them to be unionized. The films are being used by ILO widely as they screen it in various conferences and seminars and distributing the copies of the film (15000 CDs and 300 VHSs) to trade unions, industries and site safety personals all over the world.

° Jandarshan has documented the whole process of ‘Janrapat’; a programme funded by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for Chhattisgarh government. Jandarshan has also produced a documentary for UNDP out of it.

° Jandarshan has documented property and life destruction caused by riots in Ahmedabad in March 2002. It also recorded testimonies of riot victims for Action Aid India.

° Jandarshan has produced five documentaries to teach visual anthropology for University of Birmingham,
U. K.

° Jandarshan has also produced five video monographs for Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage. (INTACH)

° Seven documentaries produced by Jandarshan were selected for screening in various International Film Festivals.

° Jandarshan has signed an MOU with Chhattisgarh Samvaad and has been producing documentaries, telefilms and public service messages for various departments of Government of Chhattisgarh since formation of the state.