Production Capacity

Shooting Equipment

Jandarshan shoots on DV tape. We have state of the art cameras including one PD 150, one PD 170 which can shoot either mini DV or DV cam, and one Canon XL 1S.  

For sound we have a Shure FP33 portable mixer, two sets of Senheiser microphones with an ME66 and ME62 in each, a Shure SM58 omnidirectional microphone and The Presenter UHF lapel microphone kit equipped with WL 93 lavalier microphone. For postproduction recording we have a spirit Folio Notepad mixer made by Soundcraft and a Sony MD recorder MDS-E58.

Editing Facilities

For transfer to vhs and digitsing we have a Sony 1000VC DV recorder, a DSR-45 and DSR-11. We edit at present with final cut pro 4 using two G3 Mac, one each of I-mac, E-mac and two G4 Mac edit suites, and Adobe Premiere using one Windows setup.


We have eight trained technical staff. They have had a basic training in all shooting and editing skills used in documentary or low budget fiction. Each has had a more advanced training in two of the following; production; direction; production management; camera; sound; non linear editing.