Production List

Year 2005

° Chhattisgarh- Future’s New Hope – 40mins. (Department of Public Relations CG Govt.)
A promotional film on the successful completion of two years of the present Raman Sing Government in Chhattisgarh. The film lists the rich flora and fauna of Chhattisgarh, its richness of natural resources, the work and the plans of the Government to utilise them for the benefit of the people of the state and the steps taken by the Government to promote tourism, industrial investment, agriculture, education, bio-diesel and highlights the peoples rising against against naxalism- the Salwa Judum movement.

° Koi Nari Tonahi Nahi – 25 Mins. (Department of Public Relations CG Govt.)

Women are tortured in the name of witchcraft in Chhattisgarh. There are many cases where women are beaten, burnt and tortured in the name of practicing witchcraft. The film explores stories of such five women who were tortured and beaten and accused of being ‘Tonahi.’

° Salva Judum, rising against Naxalism – 12 Mins. (For Police Headquarters, Raipur through DPR)

The film tells the story of peoples’ movement against naxalism in Bastar - how it started, developed and how the administration, police and government intervening in it. The movement is named ‘Salva Judum’ meaning peace mission. People of Bastar has self-inspired came forward to oppose naxalites and to fight naxal menace. The film has been screened to the prime minister and the president of India by the government of Chhattisgarh. 

° Nava Bihan - 15 Mins. (For DPR through Chhattisgarh Samvaad)

Government of Chhattisgarh has taken new steps for the betterment of the formers of the state. Formers of the state have benefited by successful execution of such schemes and got economical benefits. The film shares stories of some benefited formers.

° Sarokar – 15 Mins. (For DPR through Chhattisgarh Samvaad)

The State Government has implemented many welfare schemes effectively for the tribals of Chhattisgarh.  Tribals are benefited through such schemes at a great extent. The film shows how the tribal people are benefited and how it changed their lives.

60 Second advertisement to support State Government’s “School ma Padbo ta Aaghoo Padbo Campaign.’ Transmitted by Raipur Doordarshan daily between June 16th to June 30th, 2005.

Year 2004

° Rain in Desert – 16 Mins. (For Seva Mandir, Udaipur)

A documentary on residential literacy camp for children organized by Sewa Mandir, Udaipur. Film shares aims of organizing such camps and why it needs for the children of the area.  

° Labouring Brick by Brick… - 20 Mins. (For International Federation for Building and Woodworkers, Geneva)

The film explores working and living conditions of the construction workers in India. The film motivates the construction labourers to be unionized and fight for a better living and working condition by showing some successful examples from Gujrat and Tamilnadu. The film is made for International Federation of Building and Woodworkers.  

° Towards Disaster – 30 Mins.

Film shows how man made problem turned the direction of river leading to inter-state conflict and how industrial pollution and big dams has increased problems by disturbing basin ecology and violating the riparian rights. Shot in Bastar region and western Rajnandgoan of Chhattisgarh. 

° Primary Warning – 41 Mins.

The film is based on a visit of Chhattisgarh by famous environmentalist Mr. Rajendra Singh. The purpose of his visit to get awareness about forthcoming water problem in Chhattisgarh and to conserve the natural water resources. The film warns against water scarcity in the region in near future. 

° Fire of the Forest – 13 Mins.

The film shows struggle of the Baiga tribe against forest department of Madhyapradesh. The film gives a voice to the struggle of the Baigas against administration.  

° Women Builders (Reja) – 50 Mins. (For International Labour Organisation, Geneva)

Women do much of the unskilled work on construction sites in India. Most are casual labourers and hardly any are unionized. This film introduces four such women, showing their working lives on the site and in the home. It then focuses on some rare initiatives to improve the situation and comments on two new laws which, if implemented, would address key problems to do with safety, health and welfare. 

° Midnight Poetry – 5 mins.

Observation through camera of city of Raipur at midnights by a filmmaker.

Year 2003

° Main, Tum, Sab (Me, You, Us) – 28 Mins. (Received financial assistance to complete the film from CSAP)

About the filmmaker’s father, a Bhilai Steel Plant employee and union leader, about the family’s migrations in Thailand and their ancestral home in Uttarpradesh structured round the filmmaker’s daughter. 
Being used by University of Birmingham, U.K. for teaching Anthropology.

° Indira Suchana Shakti Yojana – 16 Mins. (For CHIPS and AISECT)

A scheme of Chhattisgarh government to provide computer education to the girls in high schools and higher secondary schools. The programme is collaborated with AIESECT. 

° Injection Practices in Rural India – 6 Mins.

A campaign film to stop irrational and ridiculous use of injection.  

° Human Rights Development Report of Chhattisgarh 2003-04 – 22 Mins. (For UNDP)

The film shows the various processes which were taken place during drafting the report. 

° Letters and Learning (K..Kh..G…) - 40 Mins. (Received financial assistance to complete the film from CSAP)

The film explores attitudes to literacy through the experiences of a successful but illiterate retired Bhilai Steel Plant employee.

Being used by University of Birmingham, U.K for teaching Anthropology. 

° Video Monographs for INTACH – 4x5 mins

Vaahak – a performing folk art of Eastern Chhattisgarh

Bhittichitra – traditional wall painting art by using natural colours of Eastern Chhattisgarh

Bel Metal Art – sculpture of ‘Jhara’ tribal of Chhattisgarh

Girivilas Pallace – history of the pallace of Sarangarh royal family 

° Kharun Katha (Story of the River Kharun) – 28 mins. (For INTACH)

A journey across river Kharun. The film tells the importance and utility of the river and explores the dangers and pollutions; it is facing with its existence. The film is made for INTACH. 

° Speculative Productions by Jandarshan Staff and Trainees – 6x3 mins. 

Condemned to Leave - rites followed by Hindu women towards widowhood

Mitan – a unique tradition of establishing friendship in Chhattisgarh

All things Bright and Beautiful – on a boy living on a railway platform

40 years after… - plights of Bengali Refugee in Mana (The film was posted on BBC’s Oneworld Television’s website for a week)

Alone with Each other - on a lesbian couple of Durg (C.G.)

Shh… Dreams - Children growing up inside Raipur Central Jail